J.L.Banners is a 1 : 1 banner exchange, earning you 1 credit for every 1 banner(s) displayed on your site through our easy to add HTML code.

Your accumulated credits are then "spent" by displaying your banner on other sites - for every whole credit you earn, your banner is displayed on another members site earning you traffic for FREE!

If you do not want to add our banner code on your website or you don't have any website, you can still advertise here. Our credit packages start at only $1.95! Everyone can afford to advertise with us.

Just sign up. Add your banner. Then go to "add credits" to purchase your extra banner credits. It's as simple as that

Join J.L.Banners and receive 2.000 Free Impressions and 2.500 Free Impressions for every referral!

Banners must be 468x60 and jpg, gif or png only
You have to display our code in one or more pages on your sites to earn credits and have your banners seen on our member's sites!
You are allowed to place only one code pre page!
This is a FREE site, DO NOT Abuse it!
Accounts with no banners are deleted!


2021 J.L.Banners. 949727 banners served to date!